For Supervisors

  1. The following people may be a supervisor of a doctoral school student:

    1.  a research and teaching staff member or a researcher employed at a higher education institution who has the degree of "doktor habilitowany" or the title of "profesor" and has scientific achievements in the discipline which the doctoral student is studying,
    2. a person from outside the university with similar qualifications to those mentioned in the first point.

  2. The supervisor may supervise no more than five doctoral students at the same time (jointly as a part of a doctoral school, doctoral programmes and extramural programmes). Increasing the limit of doctoral students per supervisor requires the consent of the Rector's Council for Disciplines.
  3. A supervisor shall not be a person who, within the last 5 years:

    1. has been a supervisor of 4 doctoral students who were deleted from the register of doctoral students due to negative mid-term results or
    2. has supervised the preparation of the dissertations of at least 2 doctoral degree candidates who failed to obtain at least two positive reviews of the doctoral dissertation.

Supervisor's duties

  1. The supervisor's duties include providing a doctoral student with scientific care and support in independent research or artistic work throughout the entire period of education at the doctoral school and, in particular:

    1. agreeing with the doctoral student on an individual research plan in accordance with § 3(9) within 12 months from the date of commencement of education. In case of appointment of an assistant supervisor, the plan is developed jointly;
    2. conducting of individual classes with a doctoral student amounting to 30 hours per year;
    3. providing conditions for the doctoral dissertation according to the principles specified by the discipline council;
    4. cooperating with the director of the doctoral school in monitoring the progress of the doctoral student and, if appropriate, taking measures to intensify this progress;
    5. giving an opinion on the doctoral student's reports and notifying the director of the doctoral school of the lack of progress in preparation of the doctoral dissertation and the failure of the doctoral student to meet his/her obligations specified in the Regulations as well as the failure to accomplish the educational programme and the individual research plan.
    6. The supervisor may submit a resignation from the position of a supervisor together with a justification to the director of the doctoral school. The decision on accepting the resignation shall be made by the doctoral school board upon the request of the director of the doctoral school.
    7. The supervisor's work is subject to an assessment by the Rector's Council for Disciplines.