General Information

If you are an employee pursuing a professional career and you do not want to resign from your job but you would like to develop your scientific career - WPUT offers such an opportunity.  As a part of the "Implementation Doctorate" Programme financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, there is a chance for entrepreneurs to solve a technological problem that a company is struggling with. A doctoral student (focused on solving a specific technological problem) will be working in two places - in the company and in a scientific unit (university, research institute) and will receive a monthly grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.  He/She will also have two supervisors - one indicated by the employer, the other - from the scientific unit.

Benefits for the doctoral student

  1. Possibility of scientific development and obtaining of a doctoral degree in the future
  2. The doctoral student receives a scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
  3. Possibility of higher earnings in the future.

Benefits for companies

  1. Market advantage in the form of obtaining a specialist with the ability to implement a product or process innovation.
  2. Development of R+D+I work (research+development+innovation).
  3. Building a market advantage through development of the know-how and higher patenting activity.
  4. Development of R&D projects and the possibility of obtaining additional funds for the activity from a research financing institution.
  5. Innovation Acts (The companies - in addition to having the best specialists working on innovative products or services - will also be able to deduct 50% of personal costs related to the employment of a PhD student from the tax base. All thanks to the so-called First Innovation Act. The Second Innovation Act allows companies to deduct every zloty spent on research and development)

Benefits for the University

  1.  Establishing of cooperation with companies.
  2. Transfer of knowledge to the economy.
  3. Possibility of obtaining a subsidy for the costs of using the research infrastructure.


Detailed information on the project is available on the website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Detailed information on the programme can be obtained from the Doctoral School staff. Feel free to contact us.